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Boat Tours

A boat tour (usually guided) entails a boat ride for the purpose of sightseeing. It lasts for a part or whole day beginning and ending at a particular spot. Tourists get to enjoy beautiful scenery up close such as ports and docks, waterfalls, lagoons or waterfront cities. Sometimes it involves touring a nearby island. Some boats have a glass bottom to enable viewing of the marine life from the top.

The Vertente Natural´s main purpose is to promote active tourism. Our ambition is to introduce you to the beauty of nature and culture of Arrábida, a region with stunning views and places to visit. Participating in the outdoor activities will make you experience a unique adventure, c...

 A Anthia Diving Center  é uma empresa de Animação Turística que tem como principal objetivo promover o mergulho recreativo em todas as suas vertentes.

Somos uma Escola de escola de mergulho com mais de uma década de experiencia.
A nossa mais recente criação a Anthi...

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PALMAYACHTS is specialized in nautical tourism, providing nautical experiences, sailing cruises and charter services of sailing and motor boats, with and without skipper, in Portugal and abroad.  Our yachts are modern, well equipped, offering all the conditions and facilities to their custom...

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You want to discover Lisbon in an unusual way? Tagus Cruises boat tours are exactly the perfect way to do it.
We will make sure that you enjoy every single second on the water!

For couples, small groups or families it is now possible to get onboard a fantastic boat, enjoy Ta...