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Snorkeling is swimming face down not so far below the water surface, equipped with a special breathing mask known as a snorkel. The snorkel allows one to breathe freely using a tube that goes all the way above the water. Swim fins are also worn. It is most popular as a form of recreation for observing amazing creatures of the colourful underwater world though it can be incorporated with underwater sports or when spearfishing.

 A Anthia Diving Center  é uma empresa de Animação Turística que tem como principal objetivo promover o mergulho recreativo em todas as suas vertentes.

Somos uma Escola de escola de mergulho com mais de uma década de experiencia.
A nossa mais recente criação a Anthi...

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Azul Diving Center Madeira, a top service PADI and SSI dive center situated at Quinta do Lorde Resort – Hotel – Marina in the centre of Ponta de São Lourenço Protected Area on the picturesque Madeira Island.

We focus on custom-made snorkel and dive trips, ...