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Swimming With Dolphins

Swimming with dolphins is an activity where humans get to directly socialize with dolphins in large ponds or the sea by swimming with them. Other activities that can be enjoyed are watching them perform a song, dance moves or tricks when jumping out and back into the water, sealing the memorable encounter by kissing or hugging the swimmers. It is a commendable recreational activity for relieving stress and easing depression in humans.

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Established in 2003, Picos de Aventura is a tourist entertainment company that allows you to see and enjoy the beauties, Azores has to offer. Their activities, both in and out of the water, give you the chance to discover the São Miguel Island corners, putting you in touch with nature and ...

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Operating since 2001, TERRA AZUL is a specialized Marine Eco-tour operator in the island of São Miguel - Azores Islands, offering year-round specialized Marine Wildlife tours - Whale Watching, Birdwatching, Swim with Dolphins, Family and Private tours, as well as tailored Scientific Expedi...

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