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Trekking is an activity involving a group of trekkers going on a long distance walk lasting several days. Trekking destinations are mostly set on highlands and foothills. Besides being an adventurous way of exercising, trekkers also get to observe natural scenery, wildlife and learn about the history and culture of the locals. Stops for boarding (porters), dining joints and shops for replenishing supplies are readily available and the trails are usually not so far off from village making it less strenuous and also safe.

The Vertente Natural´s main purpose is to promote active tourism. Our ambition is to introduce you to the beauty of nature and culture of Arrábida, a region with stunning views and places to visit. Participating in the outdoor activities will make you experience a unique adventure, c...

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Surf On Road is an itinerant surf school that gives you the chance to experience the best spots for surfing in Porto's region. We pick you up at the hotel and we show you the amazing secrets of our landscape.