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Whale & Dolphins Watching

Whale and dolphins watching is the viewing of different species of these amazing aquatic creatures in their wild habitat -oceans and seas, from a water vessel. It is an ideal recreational activity for conservation activist being considered more ethical as opposed to watching them from tanks. The sight of these sea mammals' acrobatics moves is not only a spectacle but also educational. A trip will allow a tourist to catch them breaching, spy-hopping, lob-tailing, pectoral-slapping, bow riding or even migrating.

The Vertente Natural´s main purpose is to promote active tourism. Our ambition is to introduce you to the beauty of nature and culture of Arrábida, a region with stunning views and places to visit. Participating in the outdoor activities will make you experience a unique adventure, c...

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Established in 2003, Picos de Aventura is a tourist entertainment company that allows you to see and enjoy the beauties, Azores has to offer. Their activities, both in and out of the water, give you the chance to discover the São Miguel Island corners, putting you in touch with nature and ...