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Whales Watching

Whale watching is a marine expedition for the purpose of experiencing a close-up vision of whales in the ocean from a boat. Whale watchers get to encounter whales majestically launch out of the water and splash back in. It is an ideal recreational activity for learning by acquiring loads of information about these humongous sea mammals.

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Madeira Island is one of the best locations in the world for whale and dolphin watching. Let us take you there!
The boat trip lasts at least 2 hours, departing and returning to Calheta's marina.

We work with a spotter on land to make your trip a better experience.

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Operating since 2001, TERRA AZUL is a specialized Marine Eco-tour operator in the island of São Miguel - Azores Islands, offering year-round specialized Marine Wildlife tours - Whale Watching, Birdwatching, Swim with Dolphins, Family and Private tours, as well as tailored Scientific Expedi...