Born in Angola in 1972, lives in Carcavelos since 1975. Since forever linked to the sea, got his first board in 1983, can be said that there began his initiation into the Surf, although he did “bodysurfing” bodyboard with surfboards Styrofoam and even “take-offs” in those old boards, even before you buy your first surfboard. Interestingly, it was in the Azores that started surfing, influenced by his older brother and other friends who lived in St. Michael between 1982 and 84.

After taking the Superior course of Physical Education and Sport, integrated Surf School Sports project in which his colleague and friend John Ferreira “brought” the West zone to the line of Estoril. With it, he helped revive the oldest surf club Portugal – Surfing Clube de Portugal – having been vice-president between 2001 and 2004. Its Limit thesis (seminar) revealed students’ interest of primary and secondary schools in the Cascais Municipality likely to have Surf and Bodyboard School in Sports and the truth is that, when his career PE teacher, ends up getting help develop this project, as noted above.

He took the Surf Coach Course in 2002 and worked for various schools of Surfing, having been invited to teach surf lessons at the Higher School of Hospitality and Tourism for two years. Today develops training activities with colleagues of Physical Education, in order to provide minimum skills to school teachers where he teaches in the sense of them help to bring the divisions of the 11th year performing baptisms Surf (such as study visits).

Although not great resume as federated athlete, participated in some competitions of Longboard in Portugal and two European stages in the “Biarritz Surf Festival.” Won second and third place in “intersócios” of Surfing Clube de Portugal (reference club in the Longboard) and a fifth place at one stage in the National Longboard. Love your beach ever – Carcavelos, but also enjoys surfing in Ericeira and Costa Vicentina, where annually organizes a meeting between several surf cores of school sports.

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