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City Biking

Hidden Lisbon by Bike

Yes, Lisbon can be hilly. But it is not that hilly as you think once if you know where to go. We keep it with only one uphill in the beginning which brings us up to Parque Eduardo VII and an amazing view to the city centre. Once we are up there the tough part is mainly done.

We slowly s...

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Mountain Biking

Cascais Bike Escape

At the river delta around Cascais we find the end of the metropolitan region. The region between the rough Atlantic coast and the green hills of Serra de Sintra is very cycling friendly. On cycling lanes and side roads we enter the fortress of Cascais and pass the exclusive residential and holida...

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Sintra Cascais Bike Loop

Serra de Sintra. A real highlight of Lisbons surroundings are the historic area of Sintra and the breathtaking coast nearby. Serra the Sintra, the evergreen mountain between Sintra and Cascais. A class of it own!

In the north and south it's bordered by charming cities and beautiful ...

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Sintra Ericeira XC

This ride combines the amazing rough coastline with the traditional agriculture of the interior in one single day tour.

On the way from Sintra to Ericeira one beautiful beach follows the next one. The view reaches from Cabo da Roca until Peniche. Ericeira is a lovely calm fisher village...

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Tough and Fun!

Its not easy at the beginning, but with the help of Simon, the instructor, it was a really fun ride and adventure! Perfect for an afternoon escape from routine. Recommended.

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Great tour

I had an absolutely amazing experience with Simon. We did a 3 hour mountain bike tour which I recommend to everyone who can ride a bike. He took us all around Lisbon on the bikes and we saw everything from parks to architectural sites to cultural sites and we also learnt about the history of the city. It would have been impossible to see the city the way we did without this bike tour. Glad to have booked with you!

Tough and Fun!

Its not easy at the beginning, but with the help of Simon, the instructor, it was a really fun ride and adventure! Perfect for an afternoon escape from routine. Recommended.

About Us:

Cycling and bike travelling is my life.
I traveled whole Southern Europe and Morocco by bike. I guided tours in the Alps and the Algarve. I never got a car but always got a bike.
I like to share this love for biking. It keeps you in sharp, helps you to know your place, is good for the environment. Sometimes is the fastest way and always best way to reach where ever!

I like to share this love for biking. I got a bike-garage you´re free to use, I do tours around Lisbon you´re welcome to join and I got a few bike to borrow. I write stories, take pictures and collect impressions from my trips and travels.

I´m not a racing champion but I ride thousands of kilometers every year. And I´m not a mechanic but once I fixed a broken wheel with screwdriver and two rocks. I´m just a guy who spends all his time next to his bike.
What every you´re looking for, I can´t promise to help you, but I would love to try.



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I’m native German and graduated in Tourism Management. But that seems to be ages ago. In 2013 I settled down in Lisbon after some adventurous, but exhausting years on the road. Since this I spend most of the year in Lisbon. The calm portuguese mentality and the rough and wild nature step by step became home to me. With a bike always on my side. The bike is my daily way of transportation on my ways through Lisbon, is my weekend-action and my way to travel. The last 10 years I cycled more 10.000 miles each year, crossed more then 20 countries by bike and rarely spend a day without cycling.
Since 2017 I finally dedicated my life to cycling. Together with my long-time friends Ricardo and Joana, I found a community garage in the heart of Lisbon, which nowadays is an open space for repair and bike-building workshops, second hand sales and also the base for our rides with friends and guests.