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Integral Yoga

Integral Yoga is a classic method of Yoga created by Sri Aurobindo based on the teachings of Tantric influence, it works with the chakras and kundalini energy.

In Integral Yoga classes we practice pranayama (breathing techniques), asanas (postures), deep relaxation, meditation and mantr...

Activity: Yoga

Duration: 1h 15' / Available Today

Suitable for: All Levels

From € 10 Per Person

Shakti Yoga Dance Workshop

This workshop is to everyone, man and woman that is on the path of self-awareness and spiritual growth. 

This course was created by me, Tantra and Integral Yoga teacher certified by Yoga Alliance International from India, and it has influences of my dance experience with African, L...

Activity: Yoga

Duration: 2h / Unavailable Today

Suitable for: All Levels

From € 20 Per Person

Reiki Course, Level 1
Reiki Course, Level 1
Reiki Course, Level 1

Reiki meaning is 'universal vital energy'.
It is a therapy method originated in Japan.
The word Reiki itself has two kanji (Japanese characters):
REI – Universal; and
KI – Energy, Vital strength.

In the Reiki therapy, the therapist is just...

Activity: Yoga

Duration: 9h / Unavailable Today

Suitable for: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

From € 125 Per Person

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About Us:

The Padma Yoga Centre offers daily yoga classes, mixed with meditation, breathing exercises and relaxation.
The daily practice of yoga has many benefits to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

We organize retreats of yoga and meditation in southern Portugal, Algarve and Alentejo will all included. We also teach languages, Portuguese for foreigners and explanations of German and Spanish.

We also offer other therapies as Usui Reiki, Karuna and frequencies of light (Power treatments),
Massage (Thai Yoga and Ayurveda) and reflexology.

Why Pratice Yoga?

For thousands of years, yogis devoted their lives to the study of body and mind domain.
Experiencing the different postures of the animals accomplished the subtle effect of these movements in their organs and glands.
After thousands of years of experience the positions have been improved and are now part of a scientific system
of psycho-physical exercises or asanas which means "comfortably held postures"
Provide physical and mental well-being and personal fulfillment.

Yoga means UNION! Union with the universe, with the universal consciousness!

In Integral Yoga (Hatha and Tantric Yoga ) is possible to know and domain many postures that allow you to achieve a new awareness of the body.
This consciousness is a key to face the day-to-day in a more positive way.

In these classes you can learn to awaken the incredible energy but hidden that we all have to reach a wider opening of our heart and
discover our abilities.
Throughout the lessons will be addressed many content such as theory and yoga postures, deep relaxation, mantra chanting, mudras,
detoxifying massage energetic dance and the breathing techniques and meditation.
We challenge you to participate in a trial class where you can realize the benefits of this activity.

Tantra comes in 2 words: tanoti, expand and trayati, liberate. so, tantra means "extend the knowledge that liberates us".
The Tantra is a vital practice based on teachings of chakras, kundalini, hatha yoga and worship of many gods and goddesses Hindus.
This knowledge is enshrined in Vedanta philosophy that was written in the Upanishads around 800 BC.
The term Vedanta means "the end of the Vedas" and refers to the name of four Hindus sacred texts that were written in the year 1500 BC.
These texts are called Tantras. Generally the chakra system is divided into two sections: the Vedic and Tantric (now current day
in Ayurvedic medicine and tantric yoga).
Tantric yoga has its origin in pre-Aryan India, roughly between 3000-2500 BC. Many other varieties of yoga or tantric spirituality emerged it.


Eight Branches of Yoga

  1. Yama ~ Social conduct that includes non-violence (ahimsa), truth in the words (satya), non-stealing (asteya),moderation in sex and in all things (brahmacarya) and the absence of greed (aparigraha).
  2. Niyama ~ Individual conduct that understand the purity or cleanliness (cause), satisfaction (santosa), austerity (tapas), the study of texts (svadhayaya) and the divine awareness and dedication to it (Isvarapranidhana).
  3. Asana ~ Position.
  4. Pranayama ~ Breath control.
  5. Pratyahara ~ Removal of the senses, or divert them away from the social and physical world outside and towards the mental world, intellectual and spiritual inside. This procedure facilitates concentration and meditation.
  6. Dharana ~ Concentration.
  7. Dhyana ~ Meditation.
  8. Samadhi ~ The superconscious state that leads to self-realization, which is the ultimate goal of yoga. The samadhi state is an intense form of concentration that arises from the seventh branch, dhyana. The mind gets so focused on a single point that the practitioner experiences a state of absolute unity between themselves and the focus of his concentration. At first, the state of happiness can not be maintained for a long time, but can with a regular practice be continued, developed and lived in a more deliberate way.


Yogart ~ Handcrafted products 100% natural

Our products are created by Patricia Duarte Flag (Padma) and my family in
Costa Rica with 100% natural products.
Yoga has become the world of Padma, so she decided to set up a yoga clothing brand
for women and yoga accessories with organic products.
Olga Salas, mother of Padma, has a small business, called Okysaba, in Costa Rica for over 20 years.

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Patricia Bandeira Duarte was born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal.  She started doing yoga in 1999 in Koeln. 
After graduating from the University in Bonn with a degree in Language Studies, she came to Costa Rica in 2001 for a visit and stayed for 10 years. She practiced Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga at Casa Osiris and with Stefano Allegri (Costa Rica).  With the Yoga and Reiki practice she decide to change her life and to become a yoga teacher and therapist, so she took a Tantra Yoga cours at Ananda Marga in Lisbon, and the Thai Yoga Massage with Iris Lamber, She kept studying tantra and integral yoga and since 2011 Patricia  is a certified 500h Master Teacher  by Yoga Alliance International.

Patricia created Padma Yoga Center in 2009 in Playas del Coco, Guanacaste, Costa Rica and 2013 in Lisbon (Portugal).

Patricia also created Shakti Yoga Dance, a mix between Yoga and Dance, influenced from her Yoga, Reiki and dancing experience. She learned Samba and African dance in Germany,  Salsa and Merengue at Merecumbé (Costa Rica-CR) and Orienal Dance (Belly Dance) with Alessandra Ciacchella (CR)